Winner in Whitby for auction 5th June!

Hey folks,

It's off to North Yorkshire today… there is an absolutely cracking two bedroom flat that's more than worth taking a little time to check out :)

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Now, normally I'd begin by giving you a run down of what the exterior of the property has to offer, and I'd mention what drew me in or caught my eye enough to have me wanting to write about it for all of you guys and gals out there. Well this one actually comes with no exterior images at all! But I'm not one to let such a small thing hold me back, so with thanks to Google Street View, I am happy to say that I've had a look at the building and the surroundings so that we're getting a more complete picture.

Now, I know that Google don't update the Street View images often, so I won't be going into much detail regarding the cosmetics of the exterior. It could realistically look rather different if the building has been painted etc since the image was taken. But there are still some things I can take from what I'm seeing here, so we'll make the most of what I can say with some level of certainty.

Firstly, this flat is located upper parts of a mixed use building which looks to have some kind of shop on the ground floor. Can't say for sure what type of shop it is these days of course, but it is most likely to at least still be a shop in there. There was a brief mention in the property details of a cobbled street location, but it really doesn't do justice to this quirky property and its fabulous location. It's actually my favourite kind of street by the look of things, one where you can discover lots of quaint little quirky store fronts lining both sides of a narrow cobbled street, with not a car in sight, and people sauntering around at a leisurely pace that most likely feels a bit like stepping back in time. Anywhere new I visit, I'm always looking out for these cobbled streets where you'll find lovely local independent stores selling often unusual and unique wares. Most likely there's many pretty little flats in the floors above those other shops too. But there's only one property we are interested in talking about today of course, so it's time to crack on with taking a closer look at this funky flat that is oozing with character and features throughout.

This is one of the most charming flats I've ever seen. Starting with the open plan main living space, I'm actually not sure at which point I should begin describing what it has to offer due to there being so many stunning features everywhere you look.

This room has character features the whole way around the room, plus above and below you too. There is nothing on show that hasn't been well thought out and done very tastefully too. There are some fab angled areas of wall/ceiling, and it's a feature much more widespread in this flat than you'd normally see especially alongside so many exposed beams of varying angles and sizes… yet it's done in just the right way, accentuating the living space rather than stealing your attention away from everything around you.

Wow, do I love the way the exposed roof beams frame the entire entryway to the kitchen area! It divides that section off as a separate room from the rest of the main area, yet it also technically doesn't… it's taken some very clever thinking to have laid the room out in this way. The lovely dark floorboards running the length of the upper floor of the property are what is acting in perfect counterbalance to the varied angles of the cream walls and ceilings above which are in turn accented with the dark wood of the beams. It is bringing all the individual components and areas of the room back together into a single entity. Someone has made excellent use of the upper portion of this property and the result is both unique and impressive in equal measure!

The colour palette has been carefully thought out and applied throughout this property, and nowhere is that more apparent than in this room where with the cream doors on the kitchen units is blending absolutely seamlessly into the cream of the walls and ceiling. There has also clearly been much thought applied to the design of the kitchen, with the tall unit contrasting nicely against brick wall while also balancing out the wall mounted boiler at the other side of the central window. I'm amazed to see that they've managed to squeeze in a small kitchen table that seats 4 people as well. This flat is like a Tardis… it's definitely bigger than it first appears!

I really do love where the exterior walls in the kitchen area have been left stripped back to show the bare brick wall. I'm rather partial to a bit of exposed brickwork indoors anyway. It can be used as a very nice feature both inside and out, but they've really used it to best effect in this room in particular, where you'll find there are two different ways it's been used as a feature to create maximum impact and effect. In addition to the kitchen walls, we've also got some fine brickwork on show at the other end of the room in that fab fireplace surround that's stretched from floor to ceiling and is neatly framing a pretty little wood burning stove.

It's also an incredibly light space considering it's only got one window in the kitchen and a second in the angled roof window at the other end of the room. There's amazingly even a small chandelier just by the angled window, which somehow fits perfectly even though it's not in a very a large space. Again, the seating area has multiple lovely beams framing and accenting the room perfectly in numerous ways. It boggles the mind to see how much has fitted into a room of this size while still managing to maintain the feeling of having plenty space to move around in.

Now, much as I'm very much in love with that magnificent multi-use room in the eaves, it's time to now see if the rest of the property can match the impossibly high standards this flat has set for itself so far… so it's time to head downstairs and see what else is on offer. I actually didn't even realise initially that this flat was across two floors, hence my surprise at just how big the living area appears to be, but a closer inspection of the floor plans soon revealed the true layout is split over two floors. You'd think it would be an important point to emphasise the two floor layout as some people seek a flat so they can be living on one level… but I digress, we've rooms still to explore, so lets check out the bathroom next :-)

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only is there a good size bathroom in this two bedroom flat, it's also got a separate shower room situated adjacent. There isn't a photo of the shower room unfortunately, but going by the consistency of decor throughout, it's probably a safe bet that it will have similar style to the main bathroom. I'm loving the bath wall splashback that's made to appear like wooden flooring/panels, and the bathroom suite itself looks modern and contemporary.

As for the two bedrooms themselves, both are a decent size, continuing the style from upstairs, and enjoying further exposed beams as well as further dark wooden floors.

There's also a better look at the skirting boards which are painted grey, which is not a common choice, but works very well as a gradient between the dark floors and cream walls. In addition both bedrooms have a single splash of colour, having the wall behind the beds painted a different colour to the rest of the property. Such a simple and subtle way to add further warmth, personality, and individual character to the bedrooms.

While it isn't on show visually, the floor plans do indicate some built in cupboards in both bedrooms, which is a relief. They reduce the requirement to clutter the place up with furniture and that definitely solves most of the storage issues that I'd initially worried about when taking a first glance at the images… after all, it's all fine and well to dress a property up pretty for the photos, but you also need to be able to live there in reality too! :-D

So, what do you guys think? Whether it's a purchase for the investor looking for a holiday let, or perhaps an owner occupier seeking a holiday home… maybe it will become someone's full time home. Whoever grabs this one at auction will be getting a very fine property indeed. The location outside exudes just as much character as it does within these walls. There isn't a single thing needing done here prior to moving in, and nothing needed afterwards either thanks to the pristine condition and fresh looking decor. Not one to be missed folks, and it's for sale with AUCTION HOUSE NORTH EAST on 5th June!

L x