Wheelchair Athlete Injured During Marathon in California Gets $4M

A wheelchair athlete who was injured after organizers of a San Diego, Calif., marathon altered the course has been awarded $4 million.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported a jury has ruled for Craig Blanchette in a negligence lawsuit against organizers of the 2014 Rock `n’ Roll marathon.

Blanchette, a former Olympian, says on the morning of the race, organizers narrowed part of the course by eliminating one lane without telling the racers.

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Blanchette says he was doing about 20 mph when his wheelchair slammed into a car. The crash broke his collarbone and several ribs, tore his rotator cuff and ended his career as an elite racer.

A representative for the race organizer, Competitor Group Inc., told the Union-Tribune that the company doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation.

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