Hailstorm Pounds Parts of Colorado Damaging Homes, Cars and Businesses

An unusual early morning hailstorm pounded parts of Colorado, including Southeast Colorado Springs, Fountain and Fort Carson, with golf and baseball-sized hail damaging homes, cars and businesses, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

RMIIA is assessing the extent of damage and claims will continue to be filed as homeowners and drivers observe damage from the overnight storm, said Carole Walker, the group’s executive director.

“Anytime we use sports terms like golf and baseballs to describe hailstones that battered densely populated areas it’s an early indication the storm will likely be a significant event,” Walker said in a statement. “As our first major storm of the season and wildfires raging across the state it’s also a reminder that Mother Nature can leave her destructive calling card at any time, so we need to be financially prepared for the unexpected-check your insurance to know what it covers, what it doesn’t and how much protection you have when you need it the most.”

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She was urging policyholders to contact their insurance agent or company representative immediately.

She noted that hail, wind, fire or flood damage to vehicles is covered for those who carry comprehensive insurance on their auto policy, and that homeowners insurance covers damage from hail, fire and wind. Property damage resulting from rising water is covered by a separate flood insurance policy, she added.

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