Your Facebook Ads Were Disapproved. Here’s What to Do

May 25, 2018
Anna Hubbel
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Don’t panic. Just because Facebook disapproved your ad, doesn’t mean you have to toss it out altogether. In fact, Facebook’s advertising policies offer specific steps to take if it disapproves your ad. None of the steps given include the words “toss,” “delete,” or “get rid of.” The biggest word Facebook does use, however, is “edit.” Although it may not be a creator’s favorite word to hear, it at least means the creator has the opportunity to change a disapproved ad and resubmit it.

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You Have Two Options If Facebook Disapproves Your Ad

Facebook offers two options if it disapproves your ad. The first option is editing your ad. The second option is appealing Facebook’s disapproval decision. If you choose the first option, here are the steps for editing your ad:

Step 1: From the email your advertising account received when your ad was disapproved, read the details about the disapproval.
Step 2: Edit your ad based on the details Facebook provided in the email. You may need to edit the text, images, or call-to-action to comply with Facebook’s policies.
Step 3: Save your changes to resubmit your ad for review.

If you choose the second option, appealing Facebook’s decision, you can fill out and send an Appeal a Decision form. Facebook will review your request to see if it perhaps made a mistake in its decision to disapprove your ad. You may appeal Facebook’s decision if it isn’t completely clear whether Facebook’s justification for disapproving your ad aligns with its advertising policies.

To ensure your ad is not disapproved, familiarize yourself with Facebook’s Advertising Policies and Prohibited Content. If your ads are disapproved, here are 10 reason why.

10 Possible Reasons Facebook Disapproved Your Ad

It has a non-functioning landing page. If your ad directs users to a landing page that doesn’t function or that has poor navigation or broken links, Facebook will disapprove it.

The landing page doesn’t match the content promoted in the ad. Facebook considers this clickbait. Clickbait promises users one thing but then takes them to a page with unexpected content. Facebook will disapprove ads with clickbait.

The content in the ad is inappropriate or offensive. Facebook will disapprove content that includes profanity, sexual innuendo, and discrimination.

It encourages illegal or unethical behavior. Facebook will disapprove ads promoting illegal drugs or unauthorized streaming devices.

It contains third-party infringement. Facebook disapproves ads that infringe or violate any third-party’s copyright or trademark.

It contains misleading or false content. Facebook disapproves content that is false or makes misleading claims about products or services.

It promotes products or services that are prohibited by Facebook. Such products or services that Facebook prohibits include surveillance equipment, payday loans, counterfeit documents, tobacco, unsafe supplements, and weapons.

It contains low-quality or disruptive content. Slow loading pages, broken links, and poor grammar are a few examples of ad content Facebook will disapprove.

It contains disruptive animation that plays automatically regardless of interaction. Facebook considers video ads that play without first giving users the chance to click or engage with it disruptive to the user experience.

It contains controversial content for commercial purposes. For example, ads that contain content about issues like abortion or gun control for financial gain.

It’s more important now than ever to stay up-to-date on Facebook’s policies as the network continues to improve the transparency of pages and ads.