You Can Jam to Copyrighted Songs Using Facebook’s Lip Sync Live

June 22, 2018
Anna Hubbel
You Can Jam to Copyrighted Music Using Facebook’s Lip Sync Live. #socialmedia #facebook #music Click To Tweet

Get ready for a dance off between Facebook and Facebook recently made deals with major record labels and indie artists so you can upload videos containing copyrighted music. If this wasn’t exciting enough, the network is also testing Lip Sync Live, which allows you to lip-sync along to trending songs while broadcasting on Facebook Live.

Бизнес партнерство и бизнес-идеи

According to TechCrunch, the new feature will start off with hundreds of songs, such as “Havana” by Camila Cabello, “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns N Roses, and “God’s Plan” by Drake. Inevitably, Lip Sync Live will rival teen lip sync app, which has 200 million registered and 60 million monthly active users. is widely used by younger demographics sharing fun and spontaneous lip sync videos using popular songs. Lip Sync Live is different, however, because the videos are broadcast live.

Going forward, Facebook will notify you whenever you upload a video with music covered by the network’s deals with record labels. If the song is not covered, Facebook will inform you that the video will be muted unless you follow up with the appropriate copyright dispute and receive confirmation from the copyright holder through the Facebook’s Rights Manager tool.

Lip Sync Live is not a part of Sound Collection, which gives you the ability to add sound effects and no-name music to your videos. Additionally, the new feature will not offer a selection of popular copyrighted music from which you can peruse and choose.

The new music feature will inspire more original creations and sharing, as well as make stale clips more fun and interesting. Also, it will improve engagement and watch time. With younger users leaving Facebook for Snapchat and Instagram, Lip Sync Live could influence that demographic to return to the platform.

How to Access Lip Sync Live

Step 1: When creating a Facebook status, click “Live video.”
Step 2: Select Lip Sync Live.
Step 3: Choose a song.
Step 4: Commence lip-synching.

You can also add filters, effects, and friends to your video while streaming. After you finish streaming, you can then share the video to your timeline just like any Facebook live stream. Unfortunately, you can’t preview your video before sharing.

Based on this new youthful and fun feature, it seems Facebook is trying to bring back its teen users. With new fun features like Lip Sync Live, the network is headed in the right direction.