Quora rolls out native image ads for mobile and desktop

Question and answer platform, Quora, has launched new advertising formats including image ads. The company announced that the format was available for both mobile and desktop.

It follows the launch of its self-serve platform in 2017 which started with text ads. Since then the number of advertisers increased from an initial 300 to over 1,000, according to the company.

Бизнес партнерство и бизнес-идеи

Image ads are easy to schedule. Clients simply upload a company logo and an image to display besides the ad description. Using machine learning, the image is then automatically morphed into a text ad in some instances to optimise the ad for a certain page.

However, text is limited so advertisers have to keep it short and focused. For image ads, the text is around 20% of Quora text ads.

Transferring ads over from other platforms shouldn’t be a problem either, since Quora uses a similar aspect ratio to Facebook and other networks. On desktop, the aspect ratio is 1:91:1. On mobile, it is 1:1.