Instagram launches mute button

Instagram will be launching a mute button that lets users hide posts from accounts they follow. Just like on Facebook, muting a post or account won’t lead to a user unfollowing that account.

The social picture network made the change in an effort to offer an increasingly personalised experience for users. Additionally, Instagram is trying to prevent harassment on its site to ensure a smoother user experience.

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Users may also mute Stories instead of just posts. Accounts that were muted will still be visible when visited. Similarly, if the muted user tags the person who muted their account, a notification will still be sent.

Similar to parent Facebook, account holder who were muted will not be notified.

At the same time, muted accounts can be unmuted at any time.

The network has yet to specify whether the mute option also affects marketing campaigns and brands, which could potentially reduce their reach and ad effectiveness.

Social media networks tend to roll out mute buttons only further down the line – once they have enough users who generate regular content. Arguably, getting as much content as possible when you’re starting out is an important step for many networks.