Facebook Gives Users More Control over Their Privacy

February 3, 2018
Anna Hubbel

Facebook recently introduced a new education campaign for users to help them better understand the network’s privacy policies and have more control over their privacy on Facebook. In addition, the network shared its guiding Privacy Principles, as well as announced its plans to make privacy settings easier for users to find.

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@Facebook recently introduced a new education campaign for users to help them better understand the network’s #PrivacyPrinciples and have more control over their privacy. #onlinesecurity Click To Tweet
Educating Users

Facebook is now sharing videos in News Feed that educate users on privacy practices. For example, how to control information the network uses to show ads to the user or how to delete old posts or even an entire Facebook account. Additionally, users can take Facebook’s Privacy Checkup.

Facebook says it will refresh its privacy education campaign throughout the year, as well as make privacy tips available in ads on websites outside of the Facebook platform.

Finding Privacy Settings

Later this year, Facebook will roll out a new privacy center where users can easily view core privacy settings in one place. The network wants to provide easy accessibility for users to have a safer online experience.

Facebook’s Privacy Principles

In addition to putting together resources to help other businesses and organizations integrate their own privacy standards, such as in workshops, Facebook shared its Privacy Principles for users to have a full understanding of the network’s driving force.

  • User control—Facebook strives to put privacy in user control with convenient tools to make it possible.
  • Understanding how data is used—Making information, tools, and educational resources available to users is a top priority.
  • Privacy design—Facebook products are designed with privacy integrated with help from security, engineering, and design experts.
  • Secure information—Facebook says it works around the clock to keep user accounts safe and secure. Security is a number one priority.
  • Full ownership—This means Facebook makes it so users can delete their posts or even their account if they so choose. Users are in control of their own content.
  • Ongoing improvement—To continue improving its platform as a safe and enjoyable online experience, Facebook is always conducting research and working with experts.
  • Accountability—Facebook is accountable for all of its products, and therefore conducts rigorous data security testing and seeks expert feedback worldwide on all of its policies and practices.

Facebook also has principles in place to guide its advertising decisions.