4 New Updates to Snapchat’s Ads Manager

July 12, 2018
Anna Hubbel
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Who would have thought that just one year later, Snapchat, a platform previously opposed to advertising, would have a library of ad products? Snapchat first introduced Ads Manager in June 2017, and it has since rolled out on a consistent basis a slew of ad offerings. For example, you can now measure customer interactions with your ads through the Snap Pixel. Additionally, you can now target audiences based on location and context, use Deep Links for app install targeting, create Story Ads to appear in Discover, and much more.

Бизнес партнерство и бизнес-идеи

To add even more sugar to the shake, Snap recently announced new updates to Ads Manager that include a suite of new tools for performance-driven campaigns. Specifically, Snap made four Ads Manager announcements.

You Can Now Drive Website Conversions

New bidding options now give you the ability to drive action with more efficiency. You will be able to reach users likely to complete a desired action, such as sign-ups, subscriptions, or purchases. With this newly added capability of Snap Pixel, your campaigns will be more successful.

Everyone Can Use Snap Pixel

Previously, Snap Pixel was only available to a select group of advertisers for an eight-month testing period. Now, the tracking tool is available to everyone. You can begin tracking your audience’s on-site activity in relation to your Snapchat campaign to your heart’s content.

Easily Measure Return on Ad Spend

Until now, you could only see the number of conversions your campaign delivers when using Snap Pixel. Now, you’ll also be able to see the value of those conversions. Easily measure your campaign’s return on ad spend, with a deeper understanding of the value of new or existing customers.

Assess Investment with Conversion Lift Capabilities

Ads Manager now allows you to assess investment with capabilities like holdouts and incrementality measurement for app and web conversions. In other words, you have a more granular conceptualization of the conversions (e.g. app installs or purchases on your website) obtained through your Snapchat campaign. Having these capabilities in greater detail gives you a more accurate assessment of what you’re getting out of Snapchat.

As Snapchat continues to evolve and transform the way we look at advertising, these latest updates are certainly not the last. It’s astounding to think that once upon a time, the Snapchat brand was struggling to make ends meet and kept holding the word “advertise” at bay. In any case, we enthusiastically welcome the change of heart.