10 Must-Try Games and Apps You Need in Your Oculus Go

May 31, 2018
Anne Felicitas
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Looking through Oculus Go’s app store, you’re suddenly struck by crippling indecision. There are hundreds of apps and games to download, but you don’t know which one to choose. You neither have the time nor the patience to look through all of the reviews, ratings, and previews to determine which app is worth your money.

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Fortunately, all in the name of journalism, I spent hours in the world of VR to compile a list of apps and games you should download on Oculus Go.

Drop Dead ($9.99)

Shooting game fans will find all the thrills in Drop Dead. It is reminiscent of your traditional arcade game: two characters guide you through several zombie hordes in an effort to find the evil villain and mad scientist Dr. Monday. The game features power-ups, a variety of weapons and zombie species, and missions.

But you don’t only get entertainment and thrills—you also get comfort. The game offers two modes: Take It Easy, which skips dynamic motion and cutscenes—perfect for those with motion sickness— and Full Experience, which includes cutscenes, storytelling, and dynamic movement. If you’re not prone to motion sickness, choose Full Experience. It’s not the same without it.

Virtual Virtual Reality ($9.99)

Virtual Virtual Reality (V-VR) is an adventure game set in the world of—you guessed it—virtual reality, where humans work for AIs. You play as a “temporary human agent” working for 50 AI clients whose demands verge on the whimsical and hilarious, including coating your client, Butter, with toast and tumbling another client, Tumbleweed, with a vacuum. You enter the client’s world through your VR headset called the virtual labor access point.

The game is the most interactive VR game in Oculus Go. You can pick up things, move objects, and touch characters who react accordingly. The game also has great graphics, humor, and storytelling. As you play the game serving your AI masters, a dystopian narrative unfolds.

Dead & Buried (Free)

If you love zombies and the wild wild west, then Dead & Buried is up your alley. Stepping into the world of gunslingers, zombies, and ghosts, you attempt to survive waves of zombie cowboys using a revolver, which you spin and cock back to reload. Although the game errs on the side of zany rather than spooky, the fast moving hordes are enough to thrill.

For a game that’s free, it has impressive graphics and ambiance, the latter which you can control. If you feel so compelled, you can change the environment to dawn, afternoon, dusk, and night. (My personal favorite is dawn, which blankets the sapphire sky in stars.)

You can play three different games. In one game, you’re in an old saloon where you battle a wave of zombies. The second game, too, allows you to battle a horde but in an alley. Finally, if you’re sick of staving off zombie hordes, you can duel one-on-one with other players.

Note: the video above is a trailer for the Oculus Rift, not Oculus Go. 

Wands ($9.99)

If you’ve always longed to become an expert wizard, now is your chance. Wands is an adventure, fantasy game where you, a wand-wielding wizard, duel several opponents. Set in a world where hooded wizards and masked witches roam the earth, Wands opens in your characters’ lair where you create your wand, choose your spells, and pick your outwear. To duel fellow gamers, you teleport through a magical mirror that takes you to the dueling chamber.

The game has one of the best graphics Oculus Go games can offer. Although not in the level of Resident Evil 8 for PS4s, Wands’ graphics is impressive for a $10 app.

Although entertaining, Wands requires expertise—it’s not a game for Oculus newbies. It requires skills and good memory when using the controls, which requires numerous complicated maneuvers. Also, you must know how to fight multiple opponents on your own. If you like your games complex, try this one.

Netflix (Free with an Account)

Can you watch movies from the big screen without paying 13 dollars at the theater? With the Netflix app, you can.

Netflix allows you to watch all of your Netflix shows and movies from a theater screen in a virtual home. It doesn’t matter the time of the day: as soon as your movie plays, the lights in your high-tech and meticulously decorated house turn off so you can enjoy your movie without annoying glares.

Affected the Manor ($2.99)

Affected the Manor mimics a horror maze you may visit at Universal Studios or your local Halloween fair. Functioning as a walk-through and not as a game, you explore the dilapidated, dark halls of the manor, looking at creepy 1920s black-and-white photographs and watching in horror as portraits crumble to something more sinister, furniture float in the air, and creepy children appear and disappear from your field of vision.

Although the anticipation of jump scares leaves you trembling in your seat, the graphics themselves are mediocre, certainly not as impressive as V-VR, Dead & Buried, or Wands. Nonetheless, the creepy experience makes Affected the Manor worth a try.

The Missed Spaceflight (Free)

The Missed Spaceflight is a brief two-minute experience that simulates a space-shuttle launch. Like most of the experiences in Oculus Go, the journey unfolds through the first person perspective: you are one of the astronauts, lying back in your seat and watching out the window as the craft propels you from earth to space.

While V-VR and Dead & Buried rate an 8 out of 10 in graphics, The Missed Spaceflight scores a 10 out of to 10. The graphics is as good as it can get, glimpsing into the future of what Oculus Go games could be.

Titans of Space PLUS ($4.99)

For many of us, space travel is as probable as sprouting gills—but Titans of Space PLUS offers an experience that’s close enough.

This 60-minute experience (30 if you choose the short tour) takes you on a trip around the solar system. As you stop by each planet, the app presents interesting facts you likely have never known before, such as the planet’s distance from the sun and its size. Titans of Space is a fun and educational experience for anyone curious about our solar system.

Mondly: Learning Languages in VR ($4.99)

Planning to take a trip to France? Japan? How about Germany? If you want to learn a few phrases in those countries, you can do so with Mondly. This educational experience offers 30 languages, including Portuguese, Arabic, and Thai, and places you in a handful of situations where you would need to speak the foreign language you want to learn. For example, you can enter a situation in a hotel room, a train, a taxi, or a restaurant. The app then allows you to listen to the pronunciation of the phrases shown in the screen and mimic them using your microphone.

Ocean Rift ($9.99)

The ocean is filled with mysteries and unexplored territories. Ocean Rift gives you the opportunity to dive deep into our world’s oceans and watch sea creatures go about their daily lives.

Using your controller’s touch pad to swim, you explore 12 different habitats including coral reefs, shipwrecks, and lagoons. You can also choose between 11 sea creatures to meet including dolphins, sharks, turtles, orcas, sea snakes, rays, and even dinosaurs!

The Oculus Go store offers pages upon pages of games and apps you can download. But if you suddenly find yourself crippled with indecision, give one of these apps a try.