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What Is YouTube Advertising?

May 15, 2018 Anna Hubbel Here’s everything you need to know about #youtubeadvertising. #youtube #digitaladvertising #googleadwords Click To Tweet People flock to YouTube on a daily (even hourly) basis to see the next viral video. US audiences aged 18 and over spend, on average monthly, more time watching YouTube than any television network. Those aged […]

Cheetah Mobile integrates mobile in-app anti-fraud solution by Protected Media

Cheetah Mobile, the mobile utility and security app maker, today announced that it implemented Protected Media’s anti-fraud solutions to manage in-app fraud. The company said it was committed to quality traffic, protecting media budgets and offering enhanced transparency. By adding Protected Media, Cheetah Mobile can proactively detect and prevent fraud. Altogether, the company’s apps now have around 4 […]

How to Create a Snapchat Ad the Easy Way

May 14, 2018 Anna Hubbel Create a @snapchat ad in 3 easy steps. #digitaladvertising #snapchatads #snapchat Click To Tweet Photo Courtesy of filecluster If you have a phone, you can make a Snap ad. It’s that simple. Snapchat for Business recently published a short YouTube video that gives the simple step-by-step steps for making a […]

5 Apps Poised to Transform Your Next Event Experience

By Brandon Rafalson, Head of Content at Bizzabo Mobile technology is changing the way we engage in business – it has invaded our offices with smart assistants, task management, collaboration capabilities and communication between remote teams and customers. Now, corporate events are the next frontier for mobile apps. Whether you’re unveiling a new product at […]

6 Steps to Hosting a Successful Instagram Contest

May 13, 2018 Carolyn Wilman One of the best ways to garner engagement on any channel is a sweepstake. When executed properly, your followers and fans will spread your message far and wide, consequently increasing brand awareness and social followers. Here are the six steps you need to take to ensure your Instagram contest is […]

Why Can’t I Edit or Create Facebook Ad Campaigns?

May 11, 2018Anne Felicitas If you find yourself, to your utter surprise and horror, unable to create or edit a campaign, do not be alarmed. Well, perhaps you should be alarmed, but take comfort in the knowledge that this event is not an unanticipated glitch. In fact, this day was predicted to come since March. […]

Marketo acquires Bizible to launch marketing automation platform

Marketo, Inc.,the company that provides engagement marketing software, has just acquired Bizible, a marketing performance management software, for an undisclosed sum. The deal was announced at the Marketing Nation Summit. According to Steve Lucas, the CEO of Marketo, the acquisition is aligned with both companies’ vision to provide “powerful, innovative, and robust marketing software that gives marketers […]